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COLLABS Open (Only for idols, close friends, and mutuals)
ARTT-TRADES CLOSED (Only if I feel like to)
GIFTS For friends only, and by choice. ('By choice' means I draw them when I'm warming up to someone, or when I just feel like to draw one of my watchers/friends' character(s))


This new feature is shit, but it can be useful in a way...
Now, just to let you all know that things have been negatively going on and off lately. Due to my mother's injury last week, we're having a handful of issues. Especially financial terms. Even if my mother is slowly recovering, we're still in a financial state.
I can't say how long this will last, but all of this will be over in 3-4 months.
Until then, I'm luckily still able to draw in my free time, unless I'm called to help with household chores. Which seemingly will take me forever to do. In other words, I'll be much more busy than usually. 
Till then, I hope to see you guys around.
IIV Page 6 by MG-Koruption17
IIV Page 6
For the love of Paluchards, after you're done reading, please just do not call the female character by her potential name! It shows a hint of a major spoiler, and I don't want that!

Oh, gee! It's the 6'th page of IIV already! Almost nearing to the 10'th page!!
And flabbit flab, the dialogue is rushed. But hey! Have a good look at my own take on Admiral Razorbeard. I gave him a bit of a makeover. Not that I have something against his original appearance, I just want to make him look more suitable for this fanfiction project. And I hope you like it. 

Chuffy and Hector are about to let the young woman pass, but they are giving her one head-up before she enters: "Razorbeard is you average shorty pirate bot who can't take "being too short" as a joke and flips tables" (<- Now imagine THAT Razor flipping tables after losing a game of poker 8D)

Okay guys, something happened last week that involved my mother getting into a accident, breaking her foot. My schedule in drawing, including scriptwriting will be strictly limited. Which means, I won't be able to post something as soon as usually because of it. My mother is currently in a wheelchair so I just won't be able much to get you guys up-to-date with artwork. 

NEXT: (Hector mentions the A-word)

Hector, Chuffy and girl of mystery is © to me.
IIV Page 5 by MG-Koruption17
IIV Page 5
Heeeerrreee's the fifth page!

Ooh, lots of green! *POOT*
On the last page, Chuffy wasn't letting the girl in and suddenly changed the subject, asking the girl how Rayman got away. Then the girl threw a fit, because, one: It's important and she urgently needs to report that to Admiral Razorbeard. Second: It's for the safety of said Admiral and his goons. Hector, apparantly was scolding her (as you can see here in this page) for giving Chuffy a negative attitude, then Chuffy told Hector to calm down. Hector relented and calmed down. This left the girl questioning, how these types are more obediant to their own kind instead of their leader, Razorbeard. (There's something mysterious about Chuffy and Hector, and that'll be revealed after The Discussion)

NEXT: {Link} 

Chuffy, Hector, and the girl of mystery are mine.
Rayman related © Ubisoft.
IIV Page 4 by MG-Koruption17
IIV Page 4
And here is the fourth page c:

For those who can't read my handwriting:
Panel 1: "Yeah. Will you guys let me in?"
Panel 2: "Oh, right! Sorry miss."
Panel 3: "Now, how did Rayman escape?"
Panel 4: "Let me in first, then I will tell you!" (Check out that gal's hair. Like a bloody angry cat! 8D The way I drew the chick, it reminds me of Tom Preston...)

Oh boy, looks like someone has a fit of rage! xD She looks cute when she's that way, isn't she?:giggle:

NEXT: {Link}

Chuffy, Hector and the girl of mystery is © to me.
Rayman related is © to Ubisoft.
Do not copy, do not trace, do not steal, do not re-post. If you do such, it's art-theft, and art-thieves/copycats/tracers will be punished.

IIV Page 3 by MG-Koruption17
IIV Page 3
Hey look! It's the third page of "Indiana 'Indy' Viola"! 

...And it looks like they're not letting her in (yet)...
Because they're overwhelmed hearing the shocking news: The famous limbless wonder you all know and love has escaped.


Well, I finally got my butt back up, and got to work on this. I wasn't going to colour the page at first, but eh. And as you can see, I added my handwriting. Because I have no tolerance anymore to load the file up in Gimp and punch the text in.  
I messed up badly with the direction of this page, and the last one, the fourth. The female character of mystery is supposed to pop up on there and say that speech line instead of Hector who "filled in" for her.
Oh well. Beggers can't be choosers. I hope you enjoy it. I shall make more by the time I feel motivated and inspired. 

NEXT: {Link}

Chuffy Hector, story and art are © to me.
Rayman related is © to Ubisoft.
Do not copy, do not trace, do not steal, do not re-post. If you do such, it's art-theft, and art-thieves/copycats/tracers will be punished.


Indiana "Indy" Viola
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Yo! Welcome to my Deviant Art profile!:D

I am Indiana Viola, Indy, Vi, or MG. But you may call me Viola or Indy. ^^

I’m a freelance hobby artist, I started to draw again when I was 9 years old.
I actually never drew fanart of my favourite video game characters (like Rayman and Spyro) besides Zapper the Cricket being the only exception then since he was my first childhood hero.
Now being older than 11, I improved on plotting creative ideas and create qualified artwork, drawing is now my passion and I am rather well-known in my family for having this talent that some of my relatives wish to commission me in the future.

My first Rayman game was actually the demo of Rayman 3 hoodlum havoc, the disc of the demo came along with the Prince cookies.

When I got the full version of R3, I never understood why that number was there at the time, until I was understanding dialogue better and hear Murfy saying that there is Rayman 2 and the original first Rayman game.
Before I got R2TG, my mother bought Rayman Gold one day that was for my brother's birthday but he HATED it because the game is so childish and difficult.
So, he gave it to me since he knew that I was so "obsessive".
So I inserted the Rayman 1 disc and played the game~ :3 I never finished it though, nor did I understand any of the game's mechanics no matter how it was easily laid out and explained but I was still a mere child.
When I was about to turn 11, I was grocery shopping with my mother one day, and I saw what appears to be a sealed Rayman 2 The Great Escape game.
And it was luckily on sale for a short price since we had a lot of groceries on that day.
We returned home and I eagerly turned the computer on to install my soon-to-be most favourite game of all.
At first it didn't work, but thanks with my mother's help, I could play the game hours and hours and never stop playing.
After playing Rayman 2 but not 100% and still may replay it from time to time, I discovered Rayman M.
A spin-off Rayman game that introduced me to three characters that were irrelevant to the Rayman games.
Razorwife, Tily, and Henchman 1000.
Not much of a while had passed, Henchman 1000 became my most favourite character of all for some strange reason.
I happen to like the character more than Rayman, and thus liking the Robo-Pirates, Razor himself and Razorwife even more, the villains are from now my heroes.
Especially the Pirate bots.
Because they are freaking awesome!
So, here I am!
I'm working on two comics. One is titled "Vicarya The Adalisk", and the other "Indiana INDY Viola". If you happen to be following either one of them, don't expect a next page very soon, as I might be a bit busy with other things besides than doodling and drawing each comic's page.

My likes and dislikes</U>
LIKES: Animals of any kind, video games, drawing, surfing on the internet, original and fan characters.
DISLIKES: People bashing fans and/or artists for their beliefs/interests/opinions/skills, injustice, bullying, racism, stupid self-admitted idiots, people using their physical/mental disorder as a poor excuse for their actions, Rayman (the character)

BORN: 10.1.1996


Gifts are done WITHOUT asking for one, a gift is done by choice. Or if I asked you to draw your character or something for you of what you really like.

Well, that’s about me. Have fun browsing my art. Thanks for stopping by my page! ^^

My Tumblr:
My FaceBook:
My FurAffinity:…
My Skype: viola.darkness

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How come I am so slow nowadays?:stare: I've been productive a lot lately, yet I'm so quiet these days due to work and other personal things.:stare:
Now I know: I have nothing better to say, except the following...
...that I plan on taking MONEY commissions for the first time by the nearing end of the year. However, even though I got PayPal a good while now, before I'll do the opening and announce the prices, I need to know how I can tell if someone donated me after giving them my e-mail address. (Feel free to answer my question with easy steps in notes instead of comment sections)

And now we move on...

Thank you kindly for the feedback on a previous journal, but I sadly will not choose any of the options that I drew, a anonymous person sent me a sheet of Razorbeard doodles containing various unique hairstyles for Razorbeard. And, I'll be going with that person's suggestion. But still, thank you guys. I hope you still may enjoy my what-if Rayman 2 fanfiction.

And now it's about VTA... and what I'm gonna say, is not sugar-coated...
The comic is doing just fine. It's just temporary on hold until further notice, due to what I've discovered not too long ago, and I'm going to say it.
I started to realise, that according to some comments on previous pages back where Aldorma makes her first appearance, her background is similar to Zirra's past life, and how Aldorma lost control, reminded them of the Tremor story in A Tale of Hope. And those kind of comments now make me sick. Especially the... UGH! "You're just like Seeraphine! LOL!" Just enfuriates me. She does inspire me, but from what I've seen and read in her latest pages of ATOH and ZR (Zirra's Return), there's something about the Adalisk species I didn't know of. And I think I kinda broke the Adalisk rules despite I always draw the Adalisk mark with the red eyes and yellow stripes. Comparing me to another artist, fictional characters and original characters/fancharacters included, makes me sick. And it'll also give people ideas that I might be ripping things off from her which I don't and NEVER will. *COUGH*unlike ShardianofWhiteFire who traces and copies pictures from other people who drew Zirra the Adalisk myself included *COUGH*
And the fact that whenever anything related to Vicarya The Adalisk is still getting any attention, random people just add me to their devwatch right off the bat without even bothering to warm up to me or if I added THEM first. Because like a month or so ago, FOUR people unwatched me (now I got five new watchers watchers) because I didn't update Vicarya's comic sooner enough. Hey! If you're one of those who removed me because you didn't get the next page, let me tell you something: I have other important stuff to do other than drawing and drawing comic pages based on something popular. And I don't always have the time or the motivation to work on a next page because I might be a little too busy with school, debates about when I will graduate from school, helping with domestic chores, and that I'm off for the whole day to work. And this is the reason why I had a statement on my DeviantID saying that you are welcome to add me, but do not watch me for one thing. If you unwatch me because I did something silly, fine. If you unwatch me because you got sick of waiting for me to update the comic while I stated multiple of times that I might not continue comic due to tons of work, not cool.
*Rant mode off*
I think I'm about done... oh, you think I could care less? Actually, I do treat my watchers equally. I might talk to select watchers and/or friends more, but that's because it boosts my confidence. But I just despise some types of fans who only care about ONE particular thing an artist produces, and THEY could care less of how bad the artist they watch is doing, they'd be like "You're sad because something terrible happened in your life? Whatever, just continue what I like" it happened to a dragon artist like me before. This is one of the reasons why she quit with a fandom and stopped doing fanart because of it. Too many greedy fans coming on her wall, and this is what I want to prevent. It's really nice if people encourage me to draw whatever I like, but the fact that anyone just added me and then ignore me after a few months, not so much... and I have no tolerance for inactive watchers. (Not the ones who are too busy with studies/work/school/job-life or are just off from DA for their own personal reasons, I mean those who are like the script users to gain fame and lots of points)

I'm sorry if I offended anybody, but I really needed to get it out of my system. And I'm NOT asking for pity, just needed to rant a bit, that's all. 
Now I'll see you next time, I promise to be seeming less empty than usual. Indy out!
  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: Rayman 2 OST and other specific songs on YouTube
  • Reading: Theories and headcanons about Rayman 2
  • Watching: Anyone in particular
  • Playing: Rayman 2 PS2/Revolution

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