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If my artwork is NEVER given the feedback they deserve,then that means no motivation. No motivation means no art, and no art means no activity




Vicarya The Adalisk Cover EDIT 1/26/2015 by MG-Koruption17
Vicarya The Adalisk Cover EDIT 1/26/2015
Well this took me a lot. Oo

Started like a month ago. Incredible.

You guys might have heard that I have THREE comic projects up. And this, is one of them. And they have a connection to "The Pasts of Two". Like how Indy's weapon, the 'Lethal Whip' came to be, and who put Indy in her misery by disgaining her control, taking her over, and turning her into 'Dark Indy'.

This comic will be starring Vicarya, the sorrow stricken Adalisk who masters a unusual element. And her story takes place when she just lost her mother when a Tremor attacked her father's clan, and quickly flees from it in fear and devastation.

And a few fun-facts about Vicc as in TPoT: (I don't give a fuck if I'm spoiling anybody, nobody gives a sh*t when I talk about OCs and FCs :/)
-As she felt so ashamed when the Pirates blamed Indy for everything, she thinks she doesn't deserve it, and will beat them up if they will make her upset again. Vicc thinks that Indy is sorta cute for a human being.
- Vicc might be weak, and is docile natured, but she can become really powerful when she's in her element's fury mode.
- She encourages Indy's and 1000's love when she got her body back.
- Like Indy, she holds a grudge against Razor.

I will not start drawing the pages until I've done the other two covers of two diffrent comics, and when a poll answer of a select cover has got so many votes. (such as many poeple voted for the Sulyth one)

Now, I'll be finishing other unfinished Sai files from two months back, and upload them all here. XD

EDIT: Alright, the chapters! Vicarya The Adalisk will have 5 chapters. There would be more depending how the story proceeds.

Chapter: 1 
Chapter: 2
Chapter: 3 
Chapter: 4 
Epilogue: ? 

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask.

This comic will be discontinued, but not cancelled.  
This comic will now have a diffrent beginning + prologue, twists are going to be added, and the original idea of Vicarya at a hatchling age killing a Tremor and her not failing her kind will be brought back. And at least have a few nods to "Zirra's Return", a comic done by Seeraphine. And Vicarya is not going to die, but fall in a comatose state. 

Vicarya and art are mine.
Adalisks and Tremors are ©:iconseeraphine:
Do not copy, do not trace, do not steal, do not re-post. If you do so, it's art-theft, and art-thieves/copycats/tracers will be punished.
Utie sez: F-U PHOBES, IDIOTS, DA STAFF by MG-Koruption17
Kind of vent art. Drew this after finding out after reading an journal entry about a new law which name I cannot remember, that if you did cash commissions for international clients and sell commissioned artwork via international shipping, you might need to pay extra taxes, or you could end up in jail. Which, sounds more like a rumor to me. If it is illegal, then this website would be lacking European artists. Anyone can write such blog entries/chainmails about what the government is up to, whether it's in a attempt to raise money by tricking people to donate money, or just to mess with our heads. 
The internet, or that artists do commissions outside the US/inside Europe/UK to raise money so that they can pay bills/food/extra art supplies, is not the biggest nor least concern of the European government. 
If you do believe in so, then fine. Be my guest, I'm not stopping you but this is my opinion. Unless it's a fact, then I will try to stop you.


Utie is sick and tired of all the shit that is going on in the world, and he just wants to scream, shout, and let it all out. 
"Religious ass-hats just make true christians look bad!" Utie says.
"The government of Europe has been making very bad decisions lately than can ruin the lives for non-physical disabled people. That they have to work hard everyday but not earn the money they deserve!" Utie says.
"There's injustice everywhere in the US: In Ferguson, black people, including women and children get shot and killed for little to no reason!" Utie says.
"Teenagers of sexualities other than hetero, commit suicide every year due to homophobia, transphobia, asephobia, and that is fucked up. Those people are humans, it's perfectly fine if they feel romantically attracted to the same gender or not attracted to someone at all!" Utie says
"DeviantArt Staff do a shitty job running this website nowadays. They don't care about us but money. Underaged kids/art-thieves/violators were reported more than a dozens of times but are not banned or suspended. This site used to be my creator's escape from a traumatic experience she had and certain mental phases that made her believe that the whole world wants her gone..." Utie says...

Might add more sentences if something upsets me.

If you have something on your mind as well and it's not leaving you alone, feel free to vent your anger/sadness/disappoint on here.

Utie is mine.
Star sighting by MG-Koruption17
Star sighting
At long last...
My first RazorwifeXSteambeard shipping drawing!
I always wanted to draw this ship, but couldn't do it due to time constrains, blocks, and other personal/silly/urgent things that got into the way.
So I hope you like it~

Steambeard is mine
Razorwife and Razorbeard base-design © Ubisoft.
RULES (please read)
1. For the first 20 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice*. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal.

Just so you know; I have a certain tendency to talk only about myself at times. So don't be surprised if I do. 
And I'm mildly opioninated.

1. OC E - Elissa by Crash-the-Megaraptor Elissa by :iconcrash-the-megaraptor: STORY TIME! After a couple of years getting to know Crash better, I kept having flashbacks dating back to the year 2007-2008, when I was struggling to draw humans. One of them was named 'Viola' (now renamed to Ilona). Then sometime later, I designed a 'rival' of sorts for my Lupian character. She had no name, no personality except she was Viola/Ilona's love rival over Henchman 1000. But then I never ever drew her again in my life until 2011 and redesigned her. Elissa is now Crash' character. 
I like all of Crash' OCs equally. Sometimes I'm paying more attention to select characters such as Crash (Megaraptor), Kiara & Whisper, Kylee and Sareena, Matt and Amy, and his other animal characters. But I had to choose Elissa, because she used to be mine, and that Lupian/furry characters have not been getting any attention these days. (At least in my point of view)

2. Winter clothes by ClaraKnight Clara by :iconclaraknight: Again, a difficult choice. Clara (FC), is a personal favourite of mine, and it has a history behind it too. Here goes: When I still wasn't a member here yet at 11 years of age, I typed in Razorbeard for the lulz and look who I came across. Her. I took a look to her gallery and I was pretty amazed that there is someone out there like her who likes video games just as much as I do, while I was still in Elementary school, some kid I met since the kindergarten days kept teasing me and undermining me for that I like Rayman and had a minor obsession with Razor. But that didn't stop me from liking the franchise.
Anyway, Clara is a appealing character (personality, bio, and verse-wise [the fact she's a Rayman FC]) She speaks to me on a emotional level whenever I look at her, and the fact that the author's OTP, "CxR", is the cause of my OTP. (Especially for one drawing that was uploaded long ago but deleted years later) Overall, I must say that Clara is a very interesting character, a hardcore one at that. Easy to draw, an excuse to practise with things like perspectives. And she's a funny character if you try to get away with getting on her nerves. XD 

You guys can go ahead and jack this meme from me. If you have any original/fan characters of course. (And if I'm any familiar with them)


Indiana "Indy" Viola
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Yo! Welcome to my Deviant Art profile!:D

I am Indiana Viola, Indy, Vi, or MG. But you may call me Viola or Indy. ^^

I’m a freelance hobby artist, I started to draw again when I was 9 years old.
I actually never drew fanart of my favourite video game characters (like Rayman and Spyro) besides Zapper the Cricket being the only exception then since he was my first childhood hero.
Now being older than 11, I improved on plotting creative ideas and create qualified artwork, drawing is now my passion and I am rather well-known in my family for having this talent that some of my relatives wish to commission me in the future.

My first Rayman game was actually the demo of Rayman 3 hoodlum havoc, the disc of the demo came along with the Prince cookies.

When I got the full version of R3, I never understood why that number was there at the time, until I was understanding dialogue better and hear Murfy saying that there is Rayman 2 and the original first Rayman game.
Before I got R2TG, my mother bought Rayman Gold one day that was for my brother's birthday but he HATED it because the game is so childish and difficult.
So, he gave it to me since he knew that I was so "obsessive".
So I inserted the Rayman 1 disc and played the game~ :3 I never finished it though, nor did I understand any of the game's mechanics no matter how it was easily laid out and explained but I was still a mere child.
When I was about to turn 11, I was grocery shopping with my mother one day, and I saw what appears to be a sealed Rayman 2 The Great Escape game.
And it was luckily on sale for a short price since we had a lot of groceries on that day.
We returned home and I eagerly turned the computer on to install my soon-to-be most favourite game of all.
At first it didn't work, but thanks with my mother's help, I could play the game hours and hours and never stop playing.
After playing Rayman 2 but not 100% and still may replay it from time to time, I discovered Rayman M.
A spin-off Rayman game that introduced me to three characters that were irrelevant to the Rayman games.
Razorwife, Tily, and Henchman 1000.
Not much of a while had passed, Henchman 1000 became my most favourite character of all for some strange reason.
I happen to like the character more than Rayman, and thus liking the Robo-Pirates, Razor himself and Razorwife even more, the villains are from now my heroes.
Especially the Pirate bots.
Because they are freaking awesome!
So, here I am!
I'm working on two comics. One is titled "Vicarya The Adalisk", and the other "Indiana INDY Viola". If you happen to be following either one of them, don't expect a next page very soon, as I might be a bit busy with other things besides than doodling and drawing each comic's page.

My likes and dislikes</U>
LIKES: Animals of any kind, video games, drawing, surfing on the internet, original and fan characters.
DISLIKES: People bashing fans and/or artists for their beliefs/interests/opinions/skills, injustice, bullying, racism, stupid self-admitted idiots, people using their physical/mental disorder as a poor excuse for their actions, Rayman (the character)

BORN: 10.1.1996


Gifts are done WITHOUT asking for one, a gift is done by choice. Or if I asked you to draw your character or something for you of what you really like.

Well, that’s about me. Have fun browsing my art. Thanks for stopping by my page! ^^

My Tumblr:
My FaceBook:
My FurAffinity:…
My Skype: viola.darkness

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