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First drawing of January, w00t~!

And darn, Pokémon Black version 2. But I seriously wanted to get my hands on one of the 5'th generation games. Because the 6'th generation is yet about to come.

EDIT WTF DeviantArt!? Why did you have to change the new submission page? I can't find the thumbcode of this? And people, Indy looks similar to Clara here. So answer my poll, and I can avoid a arguement.

EDIT: I just realiised last night that this isn't a 'reference sheet'... it's a biography, so... but hope you did enjoy reading reading her bio. ^^


Here's 'Indiana Viola's 2013 Biography'.

But be careful! There might be spoilers and plotholes from "The Pasts of Two".



Indy, currently and 16 years old still. She's a headstrong, snarky, greedy, and rude paleochologist. But she can be very nice, honest and loyal sometimes if she's in a really good mood.

Indy has long, and curly brown hair (on her pony tail), wears a leather jacket, beige-grey trousers, wears a pair of hiking shoes, a blue shirt, and a Australian ranger hat.
She uses her hat to hide her face from suspicious or strange people. And she uses the rest of her clothing as an 'identity change', hence, Indiana Viola.

Indy was firstly named 'Viola' and 15 years old... during who knows what happened on that time. She was watched, she was stalked by the creepy guy, and attacked by the red-eyed dragon-like man who's the same creepy guy. Viola escaped with Utie to jump into a portal that led them to a diffrent word activated by Razortist.

As months have passed, during a check-up when she caught a cold after an first day of hard work in the rain, the medic Henchwoman discovered that Viola/Indy has three scars on her back, that were likely done by Red Eye himself. And... as much as it disappoints the Medic female Henchman, she has no medicine or patches to cure it.

Admiral Razorbeard firstly hated her, not because of her gender, but her SPECIE. Razor despised humans and destroyed the planets that were inhabitated by these, to prevent a resurrection of the Falx Clauda. But as Razor was growing slightly fond of her for bringing treasrure with her from her latest treasure hunting quests.
He still holds a grudge against her, but now for becoming very close friends with Henchman 1000.

Indy has been getting nightmares recently of her past, and the things she greatly fears with a passion, and almost sleeps for a day or two.

She still isn't sure about what's happened to her parents, Spyglass told her that they are dead, and Haruno told her that they might be still alive. So Indy wishes to return to Earth just to see them again. But isn't she going to hurt her best friend's feelings if she goes back to her own world?

Indy likes to lie around in fields of flowers and running through meadows. And she LOVES to watch the night sky.

Please note that that Indy's backstory or how it looks is inspired by Marley's work, but the rest is mine. So you don't have to snatch words at me.

Indy is © to me.
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Crash-the-Megaraptor Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, you're really improving every time I see you. ^^
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And it has just begun.;)
Thank you. ^^
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Awesmazing work :)
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